#207 – How to never wear glasses again with Jake Steiner

#207 – How to never wear glasses again with Jake Steiner

This week host Matty is joined by Jake Steiner from endmyopia.org. We would be discussing how to never wear glasses again. At one point in his life, Jake’s eyesight got so bad he couldn’t see without his glasses. He decided to look into the science behind glasses and why we wear them. Soon after doing so, he realized that wearing the glasses was making his situation worse and not, in fact, helping to improve his eyesight.


The further down the rabbit hole Jake went the more he realised that if glasses were making your eyesight worse that there would be a way that you could train your eyes/vision to be better. 


The eye is like a muscle and the more you work on it the better results you get. Jake divulges all of his findings and tips to regaining your 20/20 vision. 


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