#205 – The Truth About Babies Food Satchels with Joe Carr

#205 – The Truth About Babies Food Satchels with Joe Carr

Joe Carr and His wife Serenity are the founders and creators behind ‘Serenity Kids’.  A baby food company that is taking America by storm! From the start they were told that their product would never work as it was too expensive and not “fruity enough”. Joe and Serenity were set to ensure that they got the truth about the current baby food satchel products being sold in western worlds. So they did a study including the top 10 sellers in America and found not only where the babies nutrient needs being met. They were being pumped up with sugar! Here’s how the truth about babies food Satchels was revealed. This talk is more than just amazing with interesting facts.


Joe explains that the science is very evident and real. His findings showed that a person’s taste buds and cravings are developed between our first 4-7 months earth side. This can last up to 16 months. Meaning, if we are feeding babies high sugar foods as soon as they hit solids they will most likely form a sugar addiction or sweet tooth later in life! 


Serenity Kids looked at the nutrient break down of mothers milk. Then worked out how they could most closely replicate that from using ingredients from ethically sourced meats and organic savory veggies. Find out more what was discussed in this episode.


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