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#201 – Fat Loss, Increase Testosterone and Progesterone Production, Improve BDNF all in 10 Minutes a Day with with Scott Nelson

In this week’s episode host, Matty sits down with Scott Nelson of JOOVV (@joovvsocial). Scott uncovers how as little as 10 minutes of using the Joovv Lights can equate to fat loss, testosterone production for males and progesterone production for the ladies along with improving your brain derived neurotropic factor (BDNF)


Some of the above might not make any sense but believe us when we say they are all very beneficial to your health, longevity and productivity levels.


Scott and his team at JOOVV have been doing an immense amount of studies over the past few years surrounding light, near-infrared and red light effects on the body. So far the results have been outstanding. Boasting benefits in fat loss, skin health, inflammation reduction, joint health, recovery, memory and learning, testosterone and progesterone production and sleep. 


In this episode Scott breaks the science into laymen turns so we can better understand why we should spend time in the sun daily or at least utilizing red light products like the Joovv.


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Luis Guerrero
Luis Guerrero