#200 - Real Ketones with Gary Millet

#200 – Real Ketones with Gary Millet

Episode 200 brings you our host Matty and guest Garry Millet taking a look into Real Ketones. Real ketones is a supplement company dedicated to doing research and delivering top quality products surrounding exogenous ketones. They currently have 6 patents and have 10 more underway for their top-quality products.


Gary dives into what ketones are, the difference between endogenous and exogenous. Also, why keto diets have become popular over the past 10 or so years. As Matty has been using Real Ketones products recently they are able to dive into his findings in each of the products. Gary is able to give very clear explanations as to why Matty is feeling the sensations and benefits he is.


Real Ketones as a company have the user and outcome in mind and have conducted multiple studies costing them up to seven figures at times. Some of their studies results include 9.9% increased reaction time from using our products. Up to 40%, stress reduction whilst using their products and had quite a large study group utilising their product who showed an average weight loss of 6.7 lbs (4.7lbs of pure fat loss).

You can trial their products at a. discounted rate with the checkout code ‘TCL’

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