he New Age of CrossFit Gyms with Shaun Diachkoff

#199 – The New Age of CrossFit Gyms with Shaun Diachkoff

This week host Matty (@mattyafter) is joined by Shaun Diachkoff of Accelerate Strength (CrossFit Agilis) @acceleratestrength based out of Sydney Australia. Shaun background in the military and unpacks why he made the transition into running a small business.


The boys talk about the new age CrossFit affiliates that seem to be popping up everywhere – this is CrossFit gyms that are rebranding and dropping the. CrossFit name to allow them to be a little more inviting to the public eye. 


Shaun explains the things that have best skyrocketed him in business, quick hint, it comes down to asking for help and finding yourself a mentor. 


The boys rap on some of their biggest wins, one of which was finding balance between work and social and how once they both found this they were able to give so much more to their communities! 


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Luis Guerrero