#197 - Returning to an Ancestral Diet with Dr Michael Smith

#197 – Returning to an Ancestral Diet with Dr Michael Smith

This week host Matty is joined by Dr Michael Smith! We would be delving wide on returning to an ancestral diet with Dr Michael Smith. Dr Michael Smith hails from the First Nations in Canada. He grew up on the diet of his indigenous ancestors eating wild organ meats from the animals he hunted and feasting from the wild salmon that he caught.


When he was young Dr Michael threw himself into martial arts as a form of protection from the streets. He dealt with racism for so much of his life that at one point it became easier for him to lie about his heritage than it did, to tell the truth. Dr Michael finally realized that he was to embrace his ancestors and add the methods and practices to his tool belt. So as to help him in aiding and healing others. 


For almost 25 years, Dr Michael has combined the leading-edge sciences of Functional Medicine and Ancestral Nutrition with the ancient healing wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He has seen this combination of healing modalities help hundreds of people resolve or at least find relief from many of the complex, chronic, and degenerative diseases that plague modern society.


Today’s conversation jumps all over the place but collects snippets of information from Dr Michael’s past, his findings and procedures with autoimmune disease, including his breakdown of the 5 active stages of autoimmune diseases, the four puberties of life, the. Proper use of certain ceremonious herbs, as well as a host of other topics.


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Luis Guerrero
Luis Guerrero