Nick Littlehales The Sport Sleep Coach

#194 – The Sport Sleep Coach with Nick Littlehales

This week host Matty is joined by the Sports sleep coach Nick Littlehales. After many years of working within sleep and elite sport. With the aim of providing a simple and achievable technique that any individual can apply to their life for improved sleep. Later named the R90 Technique, this approach has been beneficial in improving not only sleep but recovery, performance and mood.


Nick The Sport Sleep Coach is the author of the book ‘Sleep’ which dives into simple explanations around how sleep works. Also why it is so important. Nick and Matty dive into what some of the sleep terminologies mean before going deeper into the conversation about gaining quality sleep. 


Nick explains that ancestrally we aren’t meant to be awake all day long. That it is typical for us to want to have a lay down in the middle of the day. 


They have quite the conversation on lights effect on training. How you can use light to your advantage through the use of different light gadgets as well as the sun. 


Nick has worked with many professional sporting teams and individuals including Manchester United Football Club and the British cycling team. 


The information in this podcast is in no way only meant for professional athletes. There are tips and tricks included for EVERYONE.


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Luis Guerrero
Luis Guerrero