#188 - The Best Sleep Hardware with Dr Peter Martone

#188 – The Best Sleep Hardware with Dr Peter Martone

This week we bring to you The Best Sleep Hardware with Dr Peter Martone. Dr Peter Martone is a sleep expert and the founder of The Neck Nest Pillow. Dr Martone says he fell into the category of sleep as he needed to help himself and his patience with their backs and recovery and found a strong connection to the things we do daily and how we sleep is the cause of lower back pain. Understand the basics of The Best Sleep Hardware with Dr Peter Martone on this episode.


Dr Martone created the Neck Nest to help correct the position of the cervical spine while you sleep. He explains in detail how and why The Neck Nest Works. Host Matty and Peter uncover some incredibly interesting details around the best sleep hardware for a better nights sleep, some of the most beneficial tips for your sleep, things you need to stop doing daily because they are highly effecting your sleep and why you should never sleep on your side.


Dr Martone has offered a discounted price on his 30 Day Sleep Quest product for The Chief Life Podcast listeners. You can head across to his website and use the code ‘LIFE’. This is 30 days of short video content that educate you around how to best set up your sleeping routine and hygiene to allow you your best sleep yet!


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