#186 – Recovery After Stroke with Bill Gasiamis

This week host Matty is joined by Bill Gasiamis the host of ‘Recovery After Stroke’ podcast and website.


Bill started his podcast after suffering multiple strokes himself. When Bill was in the thick of his recovery he found that there was no support for him or his family. Nowhere he could turn to get answers around what he should be doing to recover faster. No direction on nutrition or lifestyle and affects they have on your life and the likelihood of having a stroke.


Bill decided that he wanted to be the support network. A place where stroke patients/survivors and their families could go to regain their life. A library of content for stroke survivors to use to help put all the pieces of the puzzle back together.


Matty and Bill dive into his life before a stroke and his suspicions as to why and how this happened to him. In this podcast, they discussed all to do with stress, nutrition, and lifestyle. Also about taking action of your life. Creating awareness to have control of your life and prevent illness from ever happening.


This is a great podcast and has a lot of insights and empowering information for you to utilize in your everyday life.


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