#185 Beating Diabetes With Cereal with Krishna Kaliannan

Do you know you can actually learn the health tricks of beating diabetes with cereal? Krishna Kaliannan is the founder of Catalina Crunch a healthy ‘keto-approved’ cereal made in the USA. Krishna grew up on a high sugar diet and was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Even though he battled with diabetes, he now manages a very healthy life and has “beat” the stereotype of diabetes.


Krishna was bored with cooked eggs for breakfast daily. So he designed his own high-fat cereal that he was making and baking at home weekly. When his friends caught wind of his homemade cereal they wanted in on the goods. From there, Catalina Crunch was birthed.


Krishna and his team now produce multiple flavours and ship nationwide. Catalina crunch is a delicious alternative to coco puffs and honey O’s cereals which are sugar-filled and taxing on the energy systems. Gluten-free, higher fat cereals.


Matty and Krishna talk about living with and beating type 1 diabetes. Krishana is able to share his experience of a low carb diet while living with type one diabetes. They open the topic of running a business and teams and building a company culture. Krishna explains the complications of gluten-free as well as the hidden secrets in “typical cereals”.


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