#184 – Changing Your Lifestyle Even If It’s Against The Grain with Andy Pope

Do you have any idea what it feels like changing your lifestyle even if it’s against the grain? This week Co-hosts Matty & Stacey take you back to a trip they had to the Philippines. The interview is with friend and resort owner Andy Pope. Andy is an expat to the Philippines who has changed his life and lifestyle around 100% since living in the developing country.


Andy explains how even though the odds were against him (as he didn’t have the support from his family, friends or work colleagues) he was still able to change his life for the better and continues to do so to be able to show up for those who need him most.


Any has always enjoyed endurance style training however has seen quite a difference in appearance and energy levels since transitioning his nutrition, sleeping habits, alcohol consumption, daily outside time and overall stress.


Andy speaks of how has utilised The Chief Life’s seven pillars of health to transition his life.


We talk about the ongoing epidemic of obesity that is happening worldwide but particularly in the Philippines at the moment. We talk about taking the first steps to change. Continuing to move forward even when nothing around you supports the direction you want to go.


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