#183 – Are you on the right path with Natalie Walstein

Are you on the right path? Find out in this podcast episode with Natalie Walstein. As a Career Astrologer at Soulshine Astrology, Natalie Walstein blends ancient astrological guidance with modern, down-to-earth career coaching. To help you discover your true calling while also backing it up with practical steps to move forward and make it happen.


Are you on the right path with Natalie Walstein covers astrology basics. Find out the long history of astrology as Stacey and Natalie discuss astrology basics in this podcast. They share knowledge in a modern and easy ways that allows you to utilize these basics for your benefit.


Did you know that your star sign and astrology chart can actually help you to discover what type of work you thrive in?


Learn about the “houses” and what they refer to in your life as well as being aware of moon phases. Understand how they can affect not only our energy levels but also our mood. Stacey and Natalie explore and share how you can start to live your life more in line with these phases. With careful steps to help guide you on when to take rest and back off, and when to step up and take action.


We generally all “feel” the energy changes that happen across the month each cycle. Sometimes we aren’t aware of why we’re feeling it or how we should respond.


Using the many amazing resources on Natalie’s website as well as listening to her awesome podcast:The Cosmic Calling. You can find information and guidance on how to start paying more attention to your star sign. You can also create more structure in your life based around you as an individual. Listen to this episode on Are you on the right path with Natalie Walstein to learn more about what was discussed.


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