#182 – 7 Reasons To Quit Caffeine

This week’s episode is all about reasons to quit caffeine.

This is a rerelease of a podcast the cohost Matty & Stacey were interviewed on by Bill Gasiamis from Recovery After Stroke. Bill is a stroke survivor himself and has witnessed the importance of a good diet and just how much difference it can make to your recovery.

In this podcast, we dive deep into the effects caffeine has on all human beings. We talk about some studies along with some anecdotal proof we’ve witnessed within our community that lead up to the 7 reasons why we think you should quit or remove caffeine.

According to Bill Gasiamis “To give your self the best opportunity to heal, there are some things you must do and some things you must avoid. Sugar, of course, is one of the “must avoid” due to the inflammation it creates in your body!”

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