What’s in Your Kids Lunchbox?

#180 – What’s in Your Kids Lunchbox?

This week host Matty answers some questions for community project around the food found in Australian kids lunch boxes. Do we need to follow these guidelines given or not?


Questions about What’s in Your Kids Lunchbox include:


From your experience of food and what to put on kids lunch boxes. Would you see the conventional food triangle as being the correct ratios to put in a daily lunch box? Have you heard the news that is it wrong? Do you agree? If so, What’s in Your Kids Lunchbox?


What foods keep children satisfied for longer, and able to concentrate?


Should children be given foods such as chips and high-calorie foods every day?


In your build of work, have you seen the benefits of an LCHF or Ketogenic diet on children? Do you think this would help children if they were to go on Keto? Would it be appropriate? 


What do you think is more important, for children to be given low sugar or low-fat foods?


Are hereditary genetics linked to children hood obesity or more food that the children are given by their caregivers?


As a nutritionist how would you make healthy food fun for kids? Adding creativity? What’s going to be in your kid’s lunch box?



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