#179 Low Tox Life with Alexx Stuart

This week co-hosts Matty and Stacey interview Alexx Stuart of Low Tox Life (@lowtoxlife). Alexx Stuart is an educator and change agent who founded Low Tox Life in 2010. The Low Tox Life was formed after seeing the lack of transparency in our food system, personal care and cleaning products. She’s built a movement that’s non-judgmental, positive and says low tox peeps are a force to be reckoned with!


In this podcast talk, we discussed where to start with a low tox lifestyle. We also talked about an incredible way to test if the chemicals and fragrances you have in your home are actually affecting your health. Of course, health is important and we are in a learning world where we are exposed to choices. We are a product of our choices be it healthy or unhealthy.


Beyond the beginning, we discuss simple implementations and swaps to keep you progressing to reducing your carbon fingerprint.


Alexx also talks in detail about some things around the house and office that you may not have even thought to of been toxic and affecting your life.


We dive into kitchen swaps for plastics including your daily rubbish contents, freezer bags and more. The Low Tox Life has come to our aid to teach us what we never knew could be affecting our health.


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Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgtU-rbG4kiurZMh1BRDo0g

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