#176 – Stage 4 Cancer with Rich Neindorf

This week host Matty Interview Rich Neindorf! Rich has undergone a crazy cancer journey. He’s still bravely fighting this battle every day and wants to share his story. He is currently still in check in his medical stage.

Rich Neindorf has been doing Crossfit for 9 years. In 2017, He was diagnosed with stage 3 colorectal cancer.  Afterwards, he underwent radiation, chemotherapy and received an ileostomy (later reversed), and multiple surgeries.

Rich was “cleared” of cancer in February 2018 and was excited to regain his strength and fitness. This is something remarkable to talk about.

In early 2019, a follow-up CT scan showed spots on Richard’s lungs.  They took a biopsy and the results showed cancer had spread to his lungs. Rich Neindorf later learnt cancer had spread to his brain… Rich’s cancer is now stage 4.

Rich had a reasonably public journey throughout his first bout of cancer. This time around Rich has decided to start a Youtube channel to capture his journey. He figures this would help me reach out more to the public on his journey. This is his way of giving back to others in need. Rich explains what he’s going through, how he’s feeling, the foods he’s eating and the mindful practices he’s using. Sharing his journey on cancer struggle, day-in-day-out is a way of motivating others.

His experience is unique and Richard has an incredibly positive attitude towards inspiring others.

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