#175 – Movement, fixing your squats and more with Matty and Stace

This week hosts Matty and Stace dive into one of the 7 pillars of health – movement. They talk about what it takes and whether you’re doing enough or potentially too much?

It’s a slippery slope but getting the balance with the right amounts and right types of movement can be a hard thing to nail.

They explain the importance of these body patterns and the common faults they see and have witnessed first hand with squats.

The talk about the journey they both underwent to fixing their squats and how it’s not just an overnight job. Changing your movement patterns is not easy but it is worthwhile.

With the question of if you had to choose only one movement to do for the rest of your life and the debate around whether squats or burpees where the best option it continues the conversation into both of these movements.

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Matthias Turner

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