#173 – Optimal Water with Jane Muir

Optimal Water with Jane Muir is a fantastic talk. This week we’re joined by Jane Muir to talk all things water. Jane is an ex-pro figure model and has been within the fitness industry for the past 20 years. Jane’s passions for her sport is second to none. However, she’s always approached competition with health being her number one goal. Now she currently helps others on their journey to the stage and competition day with this same goal in mind.


As a natural progression, Jane’s interest in what makes her body perform best has to lead to all things ingestible and looking into food and liquid quality. When Jane came across the Kangen water systems she was highly motivated to learn more about the water within Australia. During her studies, she saw how these systems can help to Improve your water quality.


Kangen water is a  system that electrocutes the water causing the molecular structure of the water to be smaller and more readily absorbed by the body and all cells.


Jane explains how the optimal water is on the alkaline side of the PH scale and how as much as one acidic drink such as soft drink, coffee or tea can throw your whole system out of balance.


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