#172 – Eating for Pregnancy vs. Eating For Mental and Physical

Eating for pregnancy vs. eating for mental and physical health is the highlight. This week Stace and Matty dive into their different eating protocols and how they have changed so much within the last 6 months.


Stace and Matty discussed on how they often guinea pig themselves on different eating protocols. Stace was eating for pregnancy while Matt was eating for mental and physical

With Stace being pregnant, they talk a lot around our expectations for her versus the reality of her food. With unexpected cravings for different foods, Stace and Matty explained how they have tried to choose optimal foods. Foods were chose differently from the macronutrient groups. This was to keep Stace thriving where possible.


Matty takes us on a journey of the multiple eating protocols he’s tried over the past 6 months and the different effects they’ve had on his body but more surprisingly his mental state. Play or download media to learn more.


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