#171 – Mindset and Managing Stress with Matty & Stacey!

This week Matty and Stacey dive deep into mindset, stress and stress management. We live in a highly connected world that is creating a new form of being that is anxious and needing of instant gratification.


We talk about fixed vs growth mindsets along with the necessary steps to take to start transitioning to the more favourable (growth mindset).


We explain why it’s important to manage and mitigate stress and that high cortisol can lead to high blood pressure, diabetes, poor sleep, weight gain, brain fog and more.

We give you some super simple tips (a lot of which are free) that you can implement into your day to ensure you’re getting the most out of your day with minimal amounts of stress. Making it as simple as taking the first step to changing your mindset and start managing your stress.


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Matthias Turner

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