The true effects of plastics, perfumes, sunscreens and processed foods are having on your body

#169 – Genetic Analysis with Dr Anthony Jay

This week is not an interview however a deep look into Stacey’s genes. Stacey took a gene test and downloaded the raw data and sent it onto Dr Anthony Jay for an in-depth analysis. This is another step at figuring out how to optimise your body as you can see the things your body responds really well and really badly to.




Some of the information that was uncovered was incredible… For instance, Stace has the MTRR gene which means she should not go vegan and that her body thrives off of B12 derived from meat. She also has a gene that makes her despise the smell and taste of cigarettes. Because of certain genes, it is important that Stace gets some manganese in through her diet with foods such as pecans.

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