#167 – The Pharmacy Within Your Body with Niraj Naik

This week we bring you, Niraj Naik, The Renegade Pharmacist. Niraj comes from a background as a pharmacist who was on a journey to set up some long-term plans and protocols for some of the biggest companies in the UK surrounding diet and lifestyle factors, that was quickly shut down once the company realised it would take from their pharmaceutical profits if their clients were to follow his protocols.


After falling incredibly ill and being told he only had 2 options, to take a pill or cut out his intestines Niraj took matters into his own hands and abandoned the health system.

Through the implementation of quality colostrum, breathing techniques and some serious mental shifts/intentions and meditations Niraj healed himself to full health and has been helping others to do the same.


We dive deep into the soma breathing practices and how much it can help you in health, fitness and performance daily through up and down regulating stress and activating the pharmacy within your body.


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