#165 – The power of your bare feet with Dr Emily Splichal

This week we are very excited to bring you this episode with Dr Emily Splichal. Dr Emily is a podiatrist who has a passion for health and longevity and is an absolute whiz when it comes to anything to do with the feet.


Dr Emily explains how we use our feet for sense and when we wear shoes we take away the ability for them to fully guide us the way that they historically have. That’s not to say you should be barefoot everywhere. We do touch on this.


Dr Emily takes a deep look into activation of the vagus nerve through the feet, how earthing/ grounding helps her patients, the removal of free radicals through your feet , how there is 26 bones in the feet (however it’s common for people to have an extra one) 107 ligaments, the skin on the base of your feet being very similar to the hands and what we touch with our feet will respond with our nerves (almost like reading the ground as we walk), and so much more.


This podcast is full of insights and worth a few listens.


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