#164 – The cause of Dysfunction and Disease with Dr Todd Watts

This week we interview Dr Todd Watts. Our topic was on the causes of Dysfunction and Disease. Dr Todd explains how his passion to help others comes from his background of hefty sickness that he has endured. After suffering for years from Epstein Barr virus he was diagnosed with Lyme’s disease. It wasn’t until Dr Todd took a look into removing parasites to detox his body correctly that he started to see some results that lasted. He is more experienced when it comes to the cause of Dysfunction and Disease.


Dr Todd explains in order to restore the real you, we need to address inflammation, the driver of disease. Cellular inflammation is caused by 3 main things: Hidden infections, toxins, and trauma.


Dr Todd takes his clients through the 3 phases for repairing the body and through a multi-therapeutic approach. These phases are Prep Phase, Body Phase, and Brain Phase. We take a look at each of these during the interview.


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