#162 – Best breathing protocols for fitness, recovery, sleep and anxiety!

This week we take a look at the importance of breath and how it influences every single cell in your body. Matty & Stace are set to inspire us on breathing protocols for fitness, recovery, sleep and anxiety!


We look at breathing protocols to help successfully set you up for anything life throws at you. From down-regulating your nerves and calm your system for public speaking, anxiety attacks or any other stressful moment life throws at you to swapping your daily coffee for some basic breathing protocols to get your blood pumping and ready to perform in all aspects of life.


In this discussion of breathing protocols for fitness, recovery, sleep and anxiety, we give you an insight on holistic health! We let you in on a little secret of how to activate your brain and make you smarter as well as how to improve your kid’s facial structure and help them grow into well-defined jaw lined, chiselled faced, model look alike.


Join us as we take you through how to best recover your breath during intense exercise. Also as well as a few basic breathing protocols you can use daily to improve your life!


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  • A fair chunk of this material is from the XPT Life course. If you’d like to run breathing workshops or XPT Life workshops at your gym Matty is a qualified coach and can help you out with the implementation of these protocols.
Matthias Turner

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