159 – Gluten in your body, Food addiction & The effect cortisol has on weight loss.

This week is three snippet clips from previous podcasts with three very smart doctors.


The first snippet is from Dr To O’Bryan. Dr Tom has devoted his life to functional medicine and helping people to find the cause of their illness. A lot of his research has led him towards gluten and the severity that bad gluten can cause on the body


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Second up is Dr Gary Wenk. Dr Gary is the author of the effect of food on your brain and takes us on a deep dive into why foods can be so addictive and why it can be so hard to withhold yourself from eating some foods.


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Last but not least is Dr Warren Willey. Dr Willey is one of the most ripped doctors you’ll meet and has had a big role in helping many competitors healthily prepare for bodybuilding and figure competitions, along with performance athlete’s to not burn out mid or post-season. This snippet in particular dives into cortisol and how it affects your bodies ability to gain and lose weight.


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