#157 – Matty & Stacey – Power Your Body with Light, Reduce Sun Burn and much more!

This week is another episode on one of our 7 pillars of health. For the episode, we are talking about all things ‘Light’. See how to power your body with light, how to reduce sunburn and much more! Find out why light and outside time is so crucial to your health.


We talk from controversial topics such as sunscreen causing cancer to not so controversial topics of your body producing Vitamin D from being outside. Find out why getting outdoors is so enriching to your body, why fake/artificial lights can cause trauma and affect your sleep, which artificial lights are most beneficial, why an infrared sauna may be a better choice, light in your ears and other bio-hacks, and simple ways to wake yourself up on drowsy days. Discover how to power your body with light, reduce sunburn and much more! Find out how you can benefit from this episode!


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Matthias Turner

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