love coaching with love unleashed with Nikii Syme

#155 – Nikii Syme – Love Coaching with Love Unleashed

Our topic today is love coaching with love unleashed with an expert love coach. This week we have Nikii Syme from Love Unleashed (@_loveunleashed_). Nikki is a women’s love coach and has been helping hundreds of ladies to unlock bad love patterns. In return, this will release emotional traumas to help them attract in the relationship they’re deserving of.


Nikii talks a lot on her previous relationships and certain belief patterns she had. She explained how these patterns were damaging to her relationships. On this episode, she explains the process and thought patterns she’s seeing in a lot of women she’s working with and the steps all women can take to start to change their story and their relationships for the better.


Nikii explains that the key to gaining better relationships is through working on yourself as a person first. To learn more about love coaching with love unleashed in this podcast episode, listen to this episode.


Nikii is running a Love Unleashed Retreat in February of 2019. Listen in to find out more details.


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