#152 – Emily Gallagher – Becoming a Conscious Boss

This week we have the lady behind Conscious Boss (@consciousboss), Emily Gallagher. Emily helps women from all around the world to live and relish their passion. She explains her hardship and how there was no 6 step process that she followed to becoming a conscious boss. But more so hard work on who she was as a person that truly is to credit her success and her member’s success.


Emily has given a TED talk in which she empowers people to think of what truly breaks their heart and off the back of that, sh flip it to make a difference. Not necessarily a business but just a contribution to society to make a difference.


Emily talks on stages to thousands of people each year and helps thousands of women to blast off into their own successful lives. One common theme that Emily finds among the women she’s working with is people thinking ‘who are they to try’ or ‘why would I be any better than the next person’ and really just a lack of backing themselves. Emily gives us a whole heap of workarounds for self-deprivation/criticism, as well as how to get out of your rut, dealing with life when it gets you down, the best way to build an efficient team and much more.


Find Emily Gallagher:


https://www.instagram.com/consciousboss/ @consciousboss



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Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgtU-rbG4kiurZMh1BRDo0g




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