#149 – Matty & Stace – Apple cider vinegar, how to fast properly, healthiest Christmas recipes, Plant-based or not & much more.

Its the apple cider vinegar FAQs week with the Chiefs Matty and Stace. This week we answer a heap of questions from you, the listeners!


Benefits of Apple cider vinegar? When you should have it? How often?


More info on fasting? How often? Benefits? How to refuel/refeed?


I want to try 16/8 fasting protocol but train first thing in the morning and need to refuel my body. If I have a scoop of protein of a morning after training will it ruin my fast and all benefits of fasting?


Suggestions for pre-made options from Woolworths and Coles for when you can’t meal prep?


What’s your favourite go-to healthy Christmas recipe?


My water intake is around 4-6 litres a day. I’m finding I’m waking up through the night to go to the toilet around 3 to 4 times. It’s annoying because of the broken sleep.

Am I drinking too much water, any suggestions on how to manage this better?


What’re your thoughts on the plant-based lifestyle and the growing momentum behind meat causing cancer and other diseases in the body


How much kombucha and other probiotics is too much for a healthy gut?


Is spicy food good or bad?


And I heard the beautiful Julia Roberts doesn’t eat onion at all and says not to eat! Any idea why?


Best meditation apps and audios?


Thoughts on supplements. Fat burners, amino, creatine… pre intra and post workouts?


Cardio vs weights training for shredding? Some swear by only this or that or one or the other, what do you guys think?


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