#147 – Rachael Dardano – Relieve Your Body, Relieve Your Mind

Do you know you can learn how to relieve your body and mind, This weeks guest Rachael Dardano of Internal Wisdom explains how her own medical crisis sent her down the rabbit hole of eastern medicine to branch outside of what she was conventionally taught in her studies for ‘Clinical Diagnostics’.


From allergies that were so extreme, she couldn’t even be outside without antihistamines to being constipated for days on end and finally finding out she had endometrial cancer. This was where she had to drop what colleagues and allied professionals were saying and take matters into her hands in searching out alternative methods to help aid her.


One major shift Rachael found was when she put her comfort aside and tried colonic irrigation. We take a look at both this and personal administered enemas. We also look into sound healing and vibrational healings, poop yoga, finding a hobby and joy as an adult, creating space in your life and so much more. Listen to how to relieve your body and mind from this episode.


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