#144 - Nat Hodges - Gaining Mental Clarity

#144 – Nat Hodges – Gaining Mental Clarity

This week we have return guest Nathaniel Hodges! Nat is one of the business owners and Facilitators of NXT LVL. We used to work alongside these guys and they helped us massively on a personal level first which in turn transformed our business! This episode talks about how to gain mental clarity.


During this episode, Nat fills your pockets with a heap of useful steps and tools to gaining a rock-solid base for yourself to ensure you can show up and give your best every day.


Nat Explains how recently he had to deal with some of his own demons. It didn’t come easy. In fact, through asking himself big questions and really reflecting on himself, his operating systems and his personality Nat was able to uncover a whole new level of potential that he never knew was there.


Discover how you can improve your health by gaining mental clarity. You’ll have to listen in to see what daily practices you can implement to take you closer to being the best version of yourself!


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