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#143 – PJ Nestler – XPT Life (Breath, Move, Recover)

PJ Nestler – XPT Life (Breath, Move, Recover) is here to inspire. This week we’re joined by the Director of Performance of XPT. XPT. Extreme Performance Training™ is a performance lifestyle rooted in the most basic yet powerful human trait: the ability to adapt. Challenge yourself with cutting-edge fitness through our Breathe, Move, Recover curriculum designed to stimulate growth in all aspects of human performance. Through exposure to a variety of natural elements and environments. XPT’s train, adapt and perform approach empowers you to strengthen and elevate the quality of your everyday life.


The inspiration behind the XPT strength and conditioning training program; with a culmination of 30+ years in high-level athletics. Chasing giant waves, playing professional volleyball, and exploring human possibilities. Laird Hamilton and Gabby Reece set the tone in living a limitless life.


PJ has been the saving grace to XPT. He brought the program to the world making the course details and philosophies teachable to eager coaches as well as giving them the experience to all consumers.


PJ is coming to Australia this Novemeber (2018) and offering a Lifetime opportunity to become an XPT coach. Or to simply witness what it’s all about. They’ll be in Noosa, Qld 18th-21st and in Brisbane 22nd, finalising their trip with a visit to Perth in Western Australia. PJ Nestler – XPT Life is simply amazing! You can receive a 20% discount with the checkout code ‘XPTPJ’ Find more details at https://www.xptlife.com/performance-coach-certification/


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Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgtU-rbG4kiurZMh1BRDo0g


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