Live Better Through Mindset with Rhianna Sanford

#140 – Rhianna Sanford – Live Better Through Mindset!

Can we Live Better Through Mindset? This week we’re joined by Rhianna Sanford, author of The Identity of Purity – A Teenage Girl’s Guide To Sexual Purity & This Special Life – Living With Special Needs & Loving It. Rhianna and her husband have overcome much adversity in their life. She explains how her greatest challenges have also been her greatest gifts. When her daughter Kaiya was born with special needs Rhianna had to make the decision to be there every day for her daughter. She not only decided to show up she decided she’d wholeheartedly embrace what life had given her and show just how incredible life can be with her daughter and their challenges in it could be!


This podcast dives deep down the rabbit hole of mindset, positive affirmations, self-love and taking your challenges as a blessing rather than a curse. Rhianna talks of her experiences and explains how she helps others to change the percentage of their 50,000 thoughts a day into positive over negative!


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