Steph Lowe - Low Carb Healthy Fat

#139 – Steph Lowe – Low Carb Healthy Fat

This week we’re excited to bring you Steph Lowe from the Natural Nutritionist. Host of ‘The Real Food Reel’ Podcast and author of ‘Low Carb Healthy Fat’ and ‘The Real Food Athlete.’


Low Carb Healthy Fat is a great book to be read in the aspect of nutrition. Steph delivers a wealth of knowledge on the subject of low carb diets. We talked on a range of subjects from eating disorders to dietary fibre. Then blood tests that you can do in Australia to get to the cause of the issue of your health problems. How can you eat healthily? What are the benefits of good nutrition? How can you improve your health with good food?


Steph dives into low carb diets for endurance and high-intensity athletes and her findings with working with these specialties. Find out more here on this topic.


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