#137 – Michael Todorovic – Microbiome Part 1

#138 – Michael Todorovic – Microbiome Part 2

This weeks episode is a 2 part series with Dr Michael Todorovic talking all things about the microbiome. Dr Mike is a lecturer and researcher within the Clem Jones Centre for Neurobiology and Stem Cell Research. Where they are developing therapies to treat acquired brain injury and spinal cord paralysis. With the support of the Motor Accident Insurance Commission, the Perry Cross Spinal Research Foundation and the Clem Jones Foundation. They are currently conducting pre-clinical research for a cell transplantation therapy to repair the injured spinal cord. Which they hope will lead to a Phase I/IIa clinical trial within a few years. However today we step away from his work in stem cells and dive deep into the microbiome.


Firstly we look into understanding what the microbiome/biota is. Furthering from there Dr Mike offers us a plethora of studies on the microbiome and the human body. Along with a heap of animal studies that could indicate the future practices of microbiome and gut health. We dive deep into the effects of certain foods, drugs and sicknesses on the microbiome as well as how science indicates the healthiest ways to look after your gut biome. Learn more on the topic of interest by listening to this episode.


Find Dr Michael Todorovic:

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