#136 – Patrick McKeown – The Oxygen Advantage!

#136 – Patrick McKeown – The Oxygen Advantage!

This week we’re stoked to bring you the man behind The Oxygen Advantage, Patrick McKeown. Patrick’s book and breathing methods have been taking the fitness community by storm since the release of The Oxygen advantage in September 2015. However, Patrick has been working in the breathwork realm for over a decade now. Patrick, in fact, is the author of multiple books about asthma, nose breathing and Buteyko breathing methods.


Patrick quickly shares the importance of nose breathing along with the science to back it up. He explains his work with dentists and orthodontists along with the massive amounts of studies going towards the way we breath influencing the shape of our face. Did you need braces as a kid? It’s probably safe to say you were a mouth breather.


Are you a snorer? Every time we snore we reduce the quality of our recovery. Reducing the quality of your sleep can also lead to slower response time, lower cognitive function, lowered performance state, as well as a lower immune system. Could be time to tape your mouth as you sleep.


Patrick not only shares the health benefits to nose breathing but also the performance benefits. A recent study showed that a rugby team who practised just 4 weeks of basic nose breathing and breath-hold exercises improved their fitness… In 4 weeks. That’s nothing.


Patrick gives a protocol which is amazing for game day breathing, broken down from the night before right up until you enter the competition floor.


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