#133 – Dr Riccardo Storchi – Curing Blindness

This weeks episode is with scientist Dr Riccardo Storchi. Ricardo does his research out of the University of Manchester in England and is working toward curing blindness in humans. Not only do they look into curing blindness but instead vision as a whole.


Riccardo explains that his main research is done on the neurons of the outer layer of the retina. When these neurons are damaged we start to lose sight. Essentially the die-off, however, his team and him have found a virus they can use to regenerate these dead cells or neurons. Meaning they can bring back sight through the use of an injection.


Although these studies are just on animal products at the moment Riccardo is confident that within 2 years there will be a cure for those who are blind but weren’t born visually impaired/blind!


The group behind the funding of Ricardo’s teams’ research:



For more studies and the group that provide the algorithms:




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