#132 - Anastasis Tzanis – A Colourful Look into Nose Breathing

#132 – Anastasis Tzanis – A Colourful Look into Nose Breathing

A colourful look into nose breathing is what we would be looking at this week. Anastasis is a clinical nutritionist, a breath coach through both Wim Hoff and Oxygen advantage Methods, a yoga instructor and much more. During this podcast, we dive deep into the importance of nose breathing for health and sports performance.


Anastasis explains how through nose breathing we can change the PH level of our body. He then explains the benefits of having higher alkalised levels compared to higher levels of acidity and vice versa. Which do you think would be better for sport? You may be surprised. Find out more in this podcast episode as we take a colourful look into nose breathing.


Anastasis explains how doing some simple blood work and/or some genetic testing has helped to transform the supplements and food he has his clients take. Ever heard of dirty genes before? Anastasis gives us a quick insight into Dr Ben Lynch’s work with making our genes work for us!


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