#131 – Nolan Mooney – Get Your Foundations Right!

#131 – Nolan Mooney – Get Your Foundations Right!

This week we will be explaining how you can get your foundations right. Nolan Mooney works for CrossFit HQ as a flow master on the level 1 & 2s. Nolan is an American based out of Leersum, Netherlands (about an hour out of Amsterdam). He is a husband and a father of two beautiful boys. Nolan tells us the story of how he learnt to talk Dutch in his mid 20’s as well as his experience in changing the country you live in.


He has a background in the United States Military and sheds light on exactly what went down for him and his squadron during the attack on 9/11.


This podcast is filled with so many insights such as recovering from PTSD, helping friends through dark situations, programming for health in CrossFit gyms, creating the country’s largest throw down, how to become a flow master with CrossFit HQ and so much more.


Nolan is a very honest and loyal man who is nothing but genuine. He talks from his heart and gives advice that will help you both in and out of the gym. Listen to this episode to learn how to get your foundations right!


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