#130 – Mads Jacobsen – Building Better Communities

#130 – Mads Jacobsen – Building Better Communities!

What is involved in building better communities? Mads Jacobsen is a man of many talents. Residing in Stockholm, Sweden, this Dane takes us into a walk through his life and it becomes evident as to why he, his family and their businesses are so successful in all they do.


Mads has previously worked for CrossFit HQ, Reebok Europe, Eleiko, CrossFit Nordic as well as his own business consultancy brand. Over the years Mads has been involved in multiple CrossFit events such as being the Europe regionals director, as well as commentating at both regionals and games, along with coaching 2 years in a row for the CrossFit Invitationals. Once for team World (the year they won!) and secondly for team Europe!


Mad’s uncovers what all of the successful teams have in common as well as the commonalities he’s seen across all of the successful companies he’s worked in. There are so many hidden gems in this one so listen out for them!


This podcast is one of our favourites from the Europe trip. Mads is an incredibly genuine human and it shines through in this episode! Learn how building better communities work in this episode.


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