#129 – Lukas Högberg– 4th Games Appearance

#129 – Lukas Högberg– 4th Games Appearance

This week we catch up with 3 times games athlete Lukas Hogberg. This interview takes place in the interim between regionals and Lukas’ 4th games appearance. During this episode, we dive deep into Lukas’ training career and evolution as an athlete. Our discussion was more on his successful 4th games appearance.


We talk about programming to sponsorships, getting stronger to being fitter, hardest workouts he’s ever done, as well as adjusting from Nike to Reebok shoes for the games each year. Lukas explains The periodization of his training as well as how putting in the effort doing the “boring stuff” has made a world of difference to his fitness.


He talks about his connection with his coach and how over the period of their relationship they have been able to build his mental capacity. Lukas also dives deep into what he does away from CrossFit. We talk about his hobbies he enjoys with his friends, family, girlfriend and new puppy Walter. For more of such episodes, click this.


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