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#128 – Joakim Loveng – Northern Spirit

Joakim is one of the founders of Northern Spirit. The company was originally started as an athlete agency. But quickly progressed to a clothing company with a strong emphasis on giving back to the community and supporting athletes along the way.


Joakim explains their journey and talks deeply about how they started as a two-man band and over time grew into what Northern Spirit is now. The company is based in Sweden but has grown into an international company spread across Europe and the UK. However, still selling to Australians and the USA regularly enough to be looking for a set up in these countries soon.


Joakim embraces the CrossFit community and what it is all about and it shines throughout the Northern Spirit team. Every day at lunch the whole Northern Spirit team train together. Joakim explains how much this has brought the team together. This actually made them fight for the company as if it was their own.


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