Jowan Österlund – A Microchip In Your Hand

#127 Jowan Österlund – A Microchip In Your Hand

This week we are joined by Jowan Österlund of Biohax International. The man behind the implanting of a microchip into your hand to rid all plastic cards. Find out the benefits of a microchip in your hand with Jowan Österlund in this episode.


In theory, this is great. An implant to act as your identification. Your credit cards, your passport, your gym pass, your building pass, your login and out for work, your car keys, all of this scanned through your hand. In reality, people are scared of technology. Is this the way of the future?


We dive deep with Jowan and to be honest he is a great CEO as he looks at both the pros and cons for all people. The podcast goes deep into the security of the chip as well as what it could mean for the planet if everyone were to have one.


He explains the app and how you can simply add passwords and codes to the chip to allow you access. We talk about EMF and how the chip only activates for a microsecond and doesn’t transmit Bluetooth or Wi-Fi making it harmless to the body.


And, no you cannot be controlled by this microchip!


All of your questions are sure to be answered during the episode.


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