#126 – Rebecka Vitesson – Swedish Sweetheart #badass

#126 – Rebecka Vitesson – Swedish Sweetheart #badass

Rebecka Vitesson is a Swede living in Copenhagen, Denmark. She moved in August with the goal of joining The Butcher’s Lab CrossFit team and making the CrossFit regionals in Europe. Not only did the team successfully make the games but they also came 5th in the region taking them all the way to Madison to compete at the CrossFit Games.


Rebecka explains how the team came together on the weekend of regionals and truly bonded making them a much stronger team. This has filled the team with confidence heading into the CrossFit Games.


Rebecka is a coach but also works amongst a few companies as a sponsored athlete. Rebecka Vitesson is the face of Northern Spirit, a clothing company out of Sweden, and explains her role as a sponsored athlete as well as her gratitude for the opportunities she’s been provided with.


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