#125 – Ryan Sternagel – My Kid Cures Cancer

This week we interview Ryan Sternagel of The Stern Method (@thesternmethod). Ryan and his family were put through hell and back when they found out their son Ryder at age 11 months was diagnosed with type 4 Cancer. Ryder had a tumour larger than his kidney growing inside and out of his spinal canal and two secondary tumours, all of which had metastasized into his bones.


Ryan and his family refused to give in and took it upon themselves to read, watch and listen to everything they could to help find natural remedies to support Ryder as he went through chemo.


While undergoing all of this Ryan documented everything and has created The Stern Method to help and educate others going through a similar situation. They have podcasts, video’s and other free resources available at thesternmethod.com


We talk all things from juices to fasting, from sound healing to chemo, from natural to conventional medicine and everything in between. This episode is not to be missed.


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