#124 – Amy Wilkinson – Inna Bliss

#124 – Amy Wilkinson – Inna Bliss

This week we are joined by the lovely Amy Wilkinson. Owner of Inna Bliss Yoga Studios and Bliss Float centre. This is Amy’s 10th year of being in business with Inna bliss and last year underwent the construction of Bliss float, a centre with sauna’s, float tanks and blissful recovery rooms.


Amy is a mother, a wife, a business owner, a yoga teacher, a mentor. She likes to use the expression that her life is very ‘full’ rather than the term ‘busy’ as wording can change your outlook/perspective in all situations. This allows her to be in control always!


Amy tells us all about the starting’s of Inna Bliss, what yoga is to her, the introduction of a yoga teacher training course, why a recovery centre, the use of oils for daily practice as well as health and longevity, along with using oils for kids and how she uses oils to prevent/overcome sickness such as flu’s.


This episode has a whole heap of insights and goes deep into this yogi’s life.


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