#120 – Dr Stuart McGill – Back Fit Pro

#120 – Dr Stuart McGill – Back Fit Pro

This week we are featuring a back fit pro. Dr Stuart Mcgill is one of the world’s leading lower back biomechanics. Over the last 32 years, Stuart has been a professor and actively working with some of the world’s greatest athletes. Working to help fix lower back injuries in the NFL, MBL, MMA, Powerlifting, CrossFit and many more.


We dive deep into why lower back pain occurs, how to maintain a healthy back, how to avoid surgery, by all means, the stretches you should stay away from for your lower backs strength as well as a heap of video demonstrations that you can find on the video of this podcast at our YouTube channel ‘The Chief Life Channel.’


For anyone who’s ever had a lower back injury, you’ll know how debilitating it can be. Dr Stuart McGill has made it his life work to help you and others who are suffering from similar pains. Know that it is almost always fixable it’s just about finding the cause of the issue. Learn more from a lower back fit pro in this podcast.


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