#119 - Anthony Williams - Assault Fitness ANZ

#119 – Anthony Williams – Assault Fitness ANZ

This week we have Anthony Williams of Assault Fitness Australia New Zealand (Assault Fitness ANZ – @assaultfitnessanz). Anthony has an extensive background in competitive sports, playing for the Brisbane Lions Reserve squad as well as fighting in MMA. Eventually, he was driven out of the sport due to injury. At which point Gym & Fitness (@gymandfitness.com.au) a Goldcoast based company and one of Anthony’s sponsors at the time snapped him up and took him under the wing. After a few years of working for Gym & Fitness, they secured the rights to Assault Fitness ANZ. Assault fitness Australia New Zealand which Anthony is now the director for.


We dive deep into Assault fitness including the best set up to make the Assault bike easier for each individual, why the Assault Air runner is superior to road running/ motorised treadmills, benefits seen from both pieces of equipment as well as things to expect at this year’s regionals and much, much more!


You can get a discount on both the Assault bike and the Assault Air Runner with the code ‘the chief life’

This will entitle you to $600 off the Assault runner and $160 off of the Assault bike!


Find Assault fitness Australia New Zealand:




1800 614 491


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