#116 – Tracey & Jo – The Effects Additives Have On Kids

#116 – Tracey & Jo – The Effects Additives Have On Kids

Do you know that additive has effects on kids? This week we’re excited to bring you the founders of Sister Mix-Ins (As of May 2018 known as Additive-Free Lifestyle). Jo and Tracey dedicated their lives to helping other people and in particular young families after they themselves went through hell with Jo’s daughter who suffered severely purely from the food she was eating.


Tracey and Jo help you to understand that foods full of additives (unfortunately a lot of packet foods) can be incredibly harmful to the body. In children, one of the effects of additives on kids is that it can upset their moods and tempers dramatically. In adults, it’s known to cause things such as chronic headaches and bloating.


Jo & Tracey cover over 3 additives that you should try to avoid at all costs;

– Annatto or 160B – found in foods with packets claiming to be “all-natural products”

– MSG or 620-630 – Found so many different foods and added into things such as bread and Asian takeaway.

– Sulphites – sprayed onto fruits before harvest, and added to foods like bacon and processed meats to keep their pink colour.


This podcast uncovers so many little stones that could well and truly put you on your way to better-behaved kids, headache and bloating free life as well as just a better lifestyle.



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